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decomez6 - August 3, 11:12 am
[quote=Jukebox post_id=230046 time=1596451854 user_id=10857] [quote=decomez6 post_id=23004...
Betfair P&L screen changes
rik - August 3, 11:00 am
[quote=jameegray1 post_id=229367 time=1595968115 user_id=23138] I notice that despite Betf...
API help using JavaScript / node.js
Xeres - August 3, 10:37 am
Hi All, I've always used R for all my Betfair programming and it's worked well but it's q...
Green / Red up after 10 secs
ferrypaul - August 3, 9:46 am
Is it possible to Green or Red up after 10 seconds if a offset has not been matched when l...
Horses below 2.2
Dallas - August 3, 9:37 am
No, but you could create a rule that flashes an alert next to the selection in your Watch ...
Why do I keep losing on the first two or three races of the day (pre-race)?
Euler - August 3, 8:36 am
I'll also throw in that the money has many hours to arrive on the first race, but remainin...
gptuk - August 3, 8:14 am
Morning ALL does anyone have or can point me to a rule that can alert me (pop up / sounder...
Australian racing
Heisenberg - August 3, 7:03 am
Racing in Victoria to continue but with very heavy restrictions. Not even media are allowe...
Ronatrds - August 3, 6:05 am
Thank you got it sorted last night...
decomez6 - August 3, 5:55 am
[quote=marketraisen post_id=230020 time=1596430254 user_id=22850] [img]
Betfair changing orders of runners
Rollox - August 3, 5:54 am
I am using index match function in excel sheet,will these functions work ie cell b9 being ...
VPS hacked
marketraisen - August 3, 5:33 am
[quote=megarain post_id=230027 time=1596432161 user_id=11907] 4 have been hacked in 3 year...
No Courtsiding
marketraisen - August 3, 5:12 am
[quote=sa7med post_id=228789 time=1595605352 user_id=18893] Could also be people anticipat...
betfair charts gone blank
Derek27 - August 3, 3:48 am
The first bar has got wider! [attachment=0]download.jpg[/attachment]...
Today's Horse Racing
Emmson - August 3, 12:11 am
[quote=rik post_id=230010 time=1596407467 user_id=12839] [quote=Emmson post_id=230008 time...
Reading material
Silver Lining - August 2, 10:54 pm
Hi, can anyone recommend any decent books for a novice about trading in general. I am gue...
Basic scalping bot issues
murdok - August 2, 9:17 pm
Try this may be help you [img][/img]...
Greyhound Mystique
Archery1969 - August 2, 9:12 pm
[quote=Crazyskier post_id=230003 time=1596400665 user_id=15464] [quote=Archery1969 post_id...
What is the strike rate?
Atho55 - August 2, 8:25 pm
Since April this year I have been paper testing a system that looks to allocate a series o...
Lay the Draw
NickH - August 2, 8:19 pm
[quote=rik post_id=229981 time=1596391408 user_id=12839] dont really see the big differenc...


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